Dating homeowners instead of renters….

I just came across a very interesting article in the world of dating, which is about men and women showing preference to date people who own homes rather than rent. And factors that augment their interest even further is if you’re a homeowner who has a master bathroom and a walk-in closet. Just make sure you’re not living with your parents LOL, because if so, it’s the biggest deal breaker!!

In a way it makes sense because buying a house is what gives us confidence more than anything. It’s an indication that we’ve settled down and are just waiting for that special someone to walk along. It is also an indication that we are wealthy to a certain extent and have some level of financial security. Just my thoughts….

Anyway, here’s the article:

The information came from a survey by real estate website

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Upping your “bling bling” with social media

I just had a sudden thought, and that is what if we were to increase our dating prospects if we were to send more messages on facebook, twitter, foursquare, and google plus. I’m pretty sure if you were to google success stories you’d find a significant fraction of them from such social media websites. While plenty of fish, okcupid, and eharmony exist for busy working people not having time to kill in the dating world, social media websites could the real “bling-bling” avenues to successfully scoring the person of your dreams.

When we’re in college or graduate school it’s so much easier for us to elope with others as we see people around more often. And then once we enter the workforce KABOOM, we pretty much see the same people everyday and the only chances we get are blind dates through mutual friends, parents, etc, which usually don’t turn out successful, meaning it becomes tougher to meet new people and to go out on dates. Which is why expanding your social circle using social media website is KEY!! With 20% of people meeting their future spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend online, this percentage may only increase three-fold in the coming years with the increased usage of smart phones and tablet PCs and the popularity of dating apps.

So what are you waiting for. Start having fun right now, what do you have to lose sometimes all it takes is just a single message! And ten bucks that there was a successful hook-up after a random conversation on foursquare…also there is this new dating website called for professionals. The only cache is you would have to have an account with LinkedIn.

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Think about the future!!

Don’t remain with someone just because of libido or attractiveness! A lot of people make that mistake in their twilight years. Consider other factors such as educational goals, where they’d like to live, whether they’re religiously active or whatever it is that pertains to your needs.

I know guys that broke it off with their girlfriends only because they chose to live a life of soberness and abstinence until marriage. To many men, this is unacceptable so even though they madly love the other person, they breaks hearts! I guess the conclusion I’m trying to arrive at here is that you must face reality!

That old saying “Sometimes love isn’t enough” can be true based on our unique experiences. We all define love based on our experiences in the dating world. Some of us think love hurts, while others think its like a powerful drug.

Based on a humans capacity to love, it is possible for a supermodel to fall in love with a Drug Lord! But the reason why it can’t last is purely circumstantial. For one, the kids will become corrupted: Being exposed to different lifestyles. One that involves illegal activity and another that involves a hectic schedule of postings in front of the camera and travels. I may elaborate on this scenario on a future post if its of popular interest.

To summarize everything, the questions to ask in order to validate the legitimacy of your relationship are the following:
-Whether your five traits in your list match up? ( From my previous posts; And get these answers gradually through conversation if you despise rushing things)
-Find out about their educational goals? What triggers their inner passions?
– Would they like to have kids?(The answer to this is usually the determinant to whether a relationship lasts)
– How religious they are?
– How often they drink and smoke?
– Overall outlook in life?

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The five traits you seek in your mate

Alright so one of the things I’ve noticed in the dating world is that homework is never done on what it is you’re looking for in the opposite sex! I know doing homework sounds like the most banal thing to do, but the truth is it can save you a plethora of time as you can develop the ability to narrow down who could be right for you. Men are all about sex and that’s just a reality whether women believe it or not. And so it’s natural for a man to elope with a woman even if it’s strictly platonic to see what direction it may go in, oblivious to what they really want in a woman. Woman on the other hand, are the more emotionally intelligent creatures and their ability to zero in on the man of their dreams is just stupefying!

So when I mean doing your homework, I mean jotting down the traits that you find satisfying in the opposite sex. Is the woman of your dreams very ambitious, career-driven, or she more down-to-earth yet fearless? And when I mention traits I mean the positive traits, because the negative traits only come with your package!! How would you want your future lover/spouse to be?

I know it can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to answer this question. We all have different goals in life. Some of us prefer to focus more on our career rather than on what kind of man/woman we’d want to be hitched to. Others focus more on their future wedding and what the personality of their spouse would be like. I know so many women who love to fantasize about the future wedding of their dreams and who’d do anything just to attain that goal. But let’s face it, when we go out on a date we’re not interviewing each other on whether we’d be a good match for the other. Seeking relationships should be a leisurely pursuit, not one of ambition or greed. This is how many men develop an erroneous bond! They focus more on purchasing a wedding ring and making a proposition ASAP than enjoying the friendship or companionship of a woman.

So go ahead and start jotting down those characteristics you’d like in your future mate. Let me give an example: I’d look for a woman who’s outgoing, thick-skinned, goal-oriented, kind, and charitable. Being entrepreneurial is a plus quality but it’s not among the top five. Also I would like for her to be BEAUTIFUL heheh but of course who doesn’t seek out that quality in their mate!

A BONUS would be to jot down the qualities you abhor in the opposite sex, but unfortunately you wouldn’t know without lots of experience. My suggestion is to master being a pro at dating before attempting this!


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Online dating: A whole different world

Getting a date online can be full of hassles. Especially if you want to stand out in the competition of 50 -100 messages from guys that a girl receives. And the reality is that the while the response rate from guys is > 80% it’s only in between 10% – 20% from girls. Women are a lot more selective in who their mate is than men, and so they’re bound to either not read more than 50% of the messages or show no interest!

Face-to-face is a whole different ball game because you get to interact with your date in person, and so you form a ballpark image of their personality in your mind and whether they’re trustworthy or you’re being too naive. Bottom-line is you know the person is real and exists. Wish we could say the same thing about online dating.

Here are some possible ways to get a girl to respond to you or approve your chat request:

1. Come up with something unique from their profile – Lot of guys either commit the error of redundancy or emulate something that was said in the profile. This translates to “I wanna have sex with you” in the girls mind. Instead come across as being flirtatious by choosing something that’s unique from their profile and twisting it around, in a such a way that it will have a jaw-dropping effect on the women causing them to respond instantly. And come up with an abbreviation of that unique message on the title or heading word prompt and make it as captivating as possible(one-liners can be really sexy if possible stick with it), so this way while a women is scrolling through her messages she’ll catch eyesight of your message and BANG! She’ll click on it!

2. Write something out of ordinary – This is conducive upon the parameters of their profile. And sometimes this is good enough in winning a girls attention. Just tap into your creative juices on this tip. And read their profile carefully so that you integrate this interesting question, or sentence with what their interests are!

3. Avoid simple greetings – Learn to evolve from writing messages such as Hey?, Sup?  How’s it going? and accept that girls will only continue to shred such messages. Girls want to experience elated feelings when responding to a guy. Excitement and boldness are the key ingredients to that recipe in hogging a girls attention!

4. Customize your message based on the individual – Respond to the girl and apply tips 1-3 in the process of trying to get this unique girls attention. Some guys are blessed in that unique gift a tailoring a response to a girl based on their characteristics, interests, and desires in a flash!

5. Don’t invest too much energy – Investing too much energy will cause you to become so frustrated that you’ll end up becoming desperate in contacting a women! It’s interesting how girls are able to tell when you’re being desperate either through your message online or your facial reactions and body language off-line! Brief messages like Hey?, or How’s it going? are surely examples of those. Every companionship must start off more as a friendship than as a necessity! Therefore, just go with the flow and only browse through girls’ profiles when in the mood.

6. Upload a picture of yourself– This is indeed simplistic, common-sense and I do not have to mention this to anyone.

So there you have it! So why not log onto plenty of fish, okcupid, or and try applying the above concepts in contacting women online. Good luck! And ladies feel free to object to any of my viewpoints! I’m interesting in hearing all of this from a girls perspective!


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Are synonymous career goals known to break a couple apart?

Alright so I’ve been wondering about a couple with similar career goals and whether it works in the long-run or crumbles apart. Let’s say for example, you’re on plenty of fish and you stumble upon this girls’ profile which includes her aspirations to work on a masters in public health. Upon reading it, you are so impressed and decide to give it a go-ahead by messaging her because you’re planning to go for the same masters degree as well in the coming months, years. But as you’re awaiting your response you begin to realize about the frequency of obstacles present in such a scenario! This is because if you both plan to do the same degree then for sure you both will have to enroll at the same school at the same time, leading to complications! Because if not, then you live in separate places or you’re busy studying most of the times while juggling a job.

Now let me add a small twist to the above situation. What if you both met in person and during your speed date, or conversation you talk about what your future plans are and you both agree that you are passionate about establishing yourself in the same career, and then talk about getting the same degree. And then suddenly BANG! Both parties begin to realize the disparaties they will face if they are to wind up together, simply because neither individual can bail out on the ten-letter word COMMITTMENT. This means that they are stuck attending grad school simultaneously with less freedom of befriending others as they will be confined within the boundaries of kinship! Which might be okay for some couples but not for the super-extroverted ones who constantly have to hang out and meet new people.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that having synonymous career goals is a recipe for DOOM in the dating world. Furthermore, I wonder what it would be like for two people married or seeing each other to take the same classes, obtaining the same degree, as well working in the same company? What do you think? Would they get so perturbed by one another that it leads to a break-up of divorce? What I do know is that if they were to get into a fight the previous evening, it would feel extremely awkward to see each other the next day at work! More on this later….

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Guy/girl dynamics in a bar

This completely intrigues me: When a guy walks into a bar with the sole intention of picking up a girl. 90% of the times I’m pretty sure it backfires as there are no common grounds other than the bar atmosphere. Which is why I still think that the majority of successful relationships are kick-started by a mutual friend as the destination to building and solidifying trust is a whole lot faster.

Let’s say you walk it DynamoClub & all a sudden you lock eyes with an attractive gem like Brittany Spears. You want to go up to her and say hi but here’s the problem: You came solo. Now if you were to drag a friend along you can increase your chances to success as you’re not perceived as some creep or stalker just there to pick up girls! Because the minute a girl sees this they’re all sayonara! This brings me to another topic: “The significance of your best partner in crime: THE WINGMAN”. To be posted in a blog near you!

Now back to picking up girls at a bar….a lot of girls argue that if a guy makes eye contact at least three times, then they’re legit prior to approaching a girl. This is the three-eye rule invented by the ladies. You must make eye contact three times while talking to your wingman, best bud, whoever! Just don’t prolong the eye contact past one second. Make the timing precise! The minute they return the glance just look away.Do it three more times and you’re ready to walk up to the girl!

Now before I sign off I just want to include that there are ways and techniques to snag a girl even without a wingman at a club but I’ll save that for a future topic as well titled: “CLUB-SMARTNESS FOR HERMITS”.  But it is extremely difficult to pull off unless you’re a gigolo! Holler!


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