The five traits you seek in your mate

Alright so one of the things I’ve noticed in the dating world is that homework is never done on what it is you’re looking for in the opposite sex! I know doing homework sounds like the most banal thing to do, but the truth is it can save you a plethora of time as you can develop the ability to narrow down who could be right for you. Men are all about sex and that’s just a reality whether women believe it or not. And so it’s natural for a man to elope with a woman even if it’s strictly platonic to see what direction it may go in, oblivious to what they really want in a woman. Woman on the other hand, are the more emotionally intelligent creatures and their ability to zero in on the man of their dreams is just stupefying!

So when I mean doing your homework, I mean jotting down the traits that you find satisfying in the opposite sex. Is the woman of your dreams very ambitious, career-driven, or she more down-to-earth yet fearless? And when I mention traits I mean the positive traits, because the negative traits only come with your package!! How would you want your future lover/spouse to be?

I know it can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to answer this question. We all have different goals in life. Some of us prefer to focus more on our career rather than on what kind of man/woman we’d want to be hitched to. Others focus more on their future wedding and what the personality of their spouse would be like. I know so many women who love to fantasize about the future wedding of their dreams and who’d do anything just to attain that goal. But let’s face it, when we go out on a date we’re not interviewing each other on whether we’d be a good match for the other. Seeking relationships should be a leisurely pursuit, not one of ambition or greed. This is how many men develop an erroneous bond! They focus more on purchasing a wedding ring and making a proposition ASAP than enjoying the friendship or companionship of a woman.

So go ahead and start jotting down those characteristics you’d like in your future mate. Let me give an example: I’d look for a woman who’s outgoing, thick-skinned, goal-oriented, kind, and charitable. Being entrepreneurial is a plus quality but it’s not among the top five. Also I would like for her to be BEAUTIFUL heheh but of course who doesn’t seek out that quality in their mate!

A BONUS would be to jot down the qualities you abhor in the opposite sex, but unfortunately you wouldn’t know without lots of experience. My suggestion is to master being a pro at dating before attempting this!



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