Are synonymous career goals known to break a couple apart?

Alright so I’ve been wondering about a couple with similar career goals and whether it works in the long-run or crumbles apart. Let’s say for example, you’re on plenty of fish and you stumble upon this girls’ profile which includes her aspirations to work on a masters in public health. Upon reading it, you are so impressed and decide to give it a go-ahead by messaging her because you’re planning to go for the same masters degree as well in the coming months, years. But as you’re awaiting your response you begin to realize about the frequency of obstacles present in such a scenario! This is because if you both plan to do the same degree then for sure you both will have to enroll at the same school at the same time, leading to complications! Because if not, then you live in separate places or you’re busy studying most of the times while juggling a job.

Now let me add a small twist to the above situation. What if you both met in person and during your speed date, or conversation you talk about what your future plans are and you both agree that you are passionate about establishing yourself in the same career, and then talk about getting the same degree. And then suddenly BANG! Both parties begin to realize the disparaties they will face if they are to wind up together, simply because neither individual can bail out on the ten-letter word COMMITTMENT. This means that they are stuck attending grad school simultaneously with less freedom of befriending others as they will be confined within the boundaries of kinship! Which might be okay for some couples but not for the super-extroverted ones who constantly have to hang out and meet new people.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that having synonymous career goals is a recipe for DOOM in the dating world. Furthermore, I wonder what it would be like for two people married or seeing each other to take the same classes, obtaining the same degree, as well working in the same company? What do you think? Would they get so perturbed by one another that it leads to a break-up of divorce? What I do know is that if they were to get into a fight the previous evening, it would feel extremely awkward to see each other the next day at work! More on this later….


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