Think about the future!!

Don’t remain with someone just because of libido or attractiveness! A lot of people make that mistake in their twilight years. Consider other factors such as educational goals, where they’d like to live, whether they’re religiously active or whatever it is that pertains to your needs.

I know guys that broke it off with their girlfriends only because they chose to live a life of soberness and abstinence until marriage. To many men, this is unacceptable so even though they madly love the other person, they breaks hearts! I guess the conclusion I’m trying to arrive at here is that you must face reality!

That old saying “Sometimes love isn’t enough” can be true based on our unique experiences. We all define love based on our experiences in the dating world. Some of us think love hurts, while others think its like a powerful drug.

Based on a humans capacity to love, it is possible for a supermodel to fall in love with a Drug Lord! But the reason why it can’t last is purely circumstantial. For one, the kids will become corrupted: Being exposed to different lifestyles. One that involves illegal activity and another that involves a hectic schedule of postings in front of the camera and travels. I may elaborate on this scenario on a future post if its of popular interest.

To summarize everything, the questions to ask in order to validate the legitimacy of your relationship are the following:
-Whether your five traits in your list match up? ( From my previous posts; And get these answers gradually through conversation if you despise rushing things)
-Find out about their educational goals? What triggers their inner passions?
– Would they like to have kids?(The answer to this is usually the determinant to whether a relationship lasts)
– How religious they are?
– How often they drink and smoke?
– Overall outlook in life?


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