Guy/girl dynamics in a bar

This completely intrigues me: When a guy walks into a bar with the sole intention of picking up a girl. 90% of the times I’m pretty sure it backfires as there are no common grounds other than the bar atmosphere. Which is why I still think that the majority of successful relationships are kick-started by a mutual friend as the destination to building and solidifying trust is a whole lot faster.

Let’s say you walk it DynamoClub & all a sudden you lock eyes with an attractive gem like Brittany Spears. You want to go up to her and say hi but here’s the problem: You came solo. Now if you were to drag a friend along you can increase your chances to success as you’re not perceived as some creep or stalker just there to pick up girls! Because the minute a girl sees this they’re all sayonara! This brings me to another topic: “The significance of your best partner in crime: THE WINGMAN”. To be posted in a blog near you!

Now back to picking up girls at a bar….a lot of girls argue that if a guy makes eye contact at least three times, then they’re legit prior to approaching a girl. This is the three-eye rule invented by the ladies. You must make eye contact three times while talking to your wingman, best bud, whoever! Just don’t prolong the eye contact past one second. Make the timing precise! The minute they return the glance just look away.Do it three more times and you’re ready to walk up to the girl!

Now before I sign off I just want to include that there are ways and techniques to snag a girl even without a wingman at a club but I’ll save that for a future topic as well titled: “CLUB-SMARTNESS FOR HERMITS”.  But it is extremely difficult to pull off unless you’re a gigolo! Holler!



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