Online dating: A whole different world

Getting a date online can be full of hassles. Especially if you want to stand out in the competition of 50 -100 messages from guys that a girl receives. And the reality is that the while the response rate from guys is > 80% it’s only in between 10% – 20% from girls. Women are a lot more selective in who their mate is than men, and so they’re bound to either not read more than 50% of the messages or show no interest!

Face-to-face is a whole different ball game because you get to interact with your date in person, and so you form a ballpark image of their personality in your mind and whether they’re trustworthy or you’re being too naive. Bottom-line is you know the person is real and exists. Wish we could say the same thing about online dating.

Here are some possible ways to get a girl to respond to you or approve your chat request:

1. Come up with something unique from their profile – Lot of guys either commit the error of redundancy or emulate something that was said in the profile. This translates to “I wanna have sex with you” in the girls mind. Instead come across as being flirtatious by choosing something that’s unique from their profile and twisting it around, in a such a way that it will have a jaw-dropping effect on the women causing them to respond instantly. And come up with an abbreviation of that unique message on the title or heading word prompt and make it as captivating as possible(one-liners can be really sexy if possible stick with it), so this way while a women is scrolling through her messages she’ll catch eyesight of your message and BANG! She’ll click on it!

2. Write something out of ordinary – This is conducive upon the parameters of their profile. And sometimes this is good enough in winning a girls attention. Just tap into your creative juices on this tip. And read their profile carefully so that you integrate this interesting question, or sentence with what their interests are!

3. Avoid simple greetings – Learn to evolve from writing messages such as Hey?, Sup?  How’s it going? and accept that girls will only continue to shred such messages. Girls want to experience elated feelings when responding to a guy. Excitement and boldness are the key ingredients to that recipe in hogging a girls attention!

4. Customize your message based on the individual – Respond to the girl and apply tips 1-3 in the process of trying to get this unique girls attention. Some guys are blessed in that unique gift a tailoring a response to a girl based on their characteristics, interests, and desires in a flash!

5. Don’t invest too much energy – Investing too much energy will cause you to become so frustrated that you’ll end up becoming desperate in contacting a women! It’s interesting how girls are able to tell when you’re being desperate either through your message online or your facial reactions and body language off-line! Brief messages like Hey?, or How’s it going? are surely examples of those. Every companionship must start off more as a friendship than as a necessity! Therefore, just go with the flow and only browse through girls’ profiles when in the mood.

6. Upload a picture of yourself– This is indeed simplistic, common-sense and I do not have to mention this to anyone.

So there you have it! So why not log onto plenty of fish, okcupid, or and try applying the above concepts in contacting women online. Good luck! And ladies feel free to object to any of my viewpoints! I’m interesting in hearing all of this from a girls perspective!



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