Beware of narcissism

Alright so I want to take the time to rant about narcissism and how to possibly look for these signs in your date or partner. It can be a very serious issue for the other person if it exists. Narcissism is what causes the other person’s self-esteem to vanish gradually. If the guy or girl approaches you out of the blue trying to get your attention, chances are they’re narcissistic. If they feel comfortable with strangers and are able to make you feel chummy  at a very rapid pace, they’re narcissistic. And finally if they have a habit of making small talk regarding personal matters while they’re on a date with you, then once again they’re considered narcissistic.

Whenever you encounter people like this,  unless you feel any type of deep emotion make a run for it!! Because such people only think and care about themselves. In the long-term, you only find yourself dejected and heartbroken! Now I was in a relationship like this, but luckily I noticed these characteristics early on and so I managed to break ties effortlessly. It’s very easy for guys and girls to become spellbound by such people of the opposite sex so just use proper judgement and be realistic of how south such a relationship can go!!

Narcissism is not a medical condition, but there are several theories revolving around how people develop this trait, such as: It’s in their DNA!!, they did not receive much attention growing up, or they were compelled to provide emotional support to their parents during emotional distress. Whatever the reason is, such people only tend to leave destruction in their wake as they just do not know how to show consideration towards others.

Anyway these are just my personal thoughts. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend who was narcissistic? Can pure kindness actually cure such people? What are your thoughts on dating such people? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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Relationship doctor!

Hi there! I’m about to a go on a journey that includes peoples’ viewpoints and perspectives on relationships. The process of a man and woman crossing paths with each other simply astounds me and what adds to the complexity is how hooking up and procreation is on their minds, and how neither party dare mutters a word regarding it, leading to perplexing dynamics between the two.

I’m here for exploration purposes only. I’ve been passionate about relationships for a long time now especially in the dating scene. There are lots of stories to share and hear, and lots of theories to dissect in the process. I’m sure you’re dying to comment on that asshole you met at the bar the other night, or that girl who was playing hard to get.

This blog is mainly about dating relationships. I will be covering the following:

1. How to pick up a girl

2. The anatomy of a guy/girl in the dating scene

In addition to a full written post, I may also include quotes, or videos.

I really hope a lot of you guys decide to embark on this journey with me and share some of your stories. Also you are all welcome to express your opinions. Be OUTSPOKEN!!! Lemme know if you agree or disagree with what I’m talking about. Once again this blog is an open forum for everyone in order to glue the fragments in the dating world and how to be successful. I look forward to connecting with you!

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